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Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes For The Aspiring Newbie Cook #FamousRestaurantCopycats

Written By Fernando Lachica on Sunday, February 23, 2014 | 11:10 AM

Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes For The Aspiring Newbie Cook

Right now on the Internet I can not help but notice how people are wanting to recreate a recipe that they have had at there favorite restaurant, known in the trade as Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes.

More and more people are curious about, is it really possible to recreate that fish dish that we had on our night out a few days ago, to be honest, anything is possible, copycat recipes can be difficult to find unless you know exactly where to look, this is because Restaurant Owners do not want you knowing how to copy there succulent recipe, and know that they probably won't see you for dust, as you won't be paying that profit element of your bill like you do when you eat in that favorite restaurant of yours.

Restaurateurs make out that there recipes are a secret, ok, they may add a extra spice or two, so what, there is nothing to stop you from recreating it and adding your own take on it, after all, its all about enjoying tasting delicious flavors that make the cockles of your heart flutter!

To be honest, despite what Restaurant Owners say, all of there recipes are actually very, very easy to recreate, and they know that.

The Best Copycat Recipes

As well as the famous Chicken Recipes, what else could you possibly make, Kebabs, Thai Curry, Thai Chicken?? The world is your oyster, there are copycat recipes everywhere, its just a matter of searching for them and finding them, there are copycat recipes for lots of different dishes which include Appetizers, Desserts, Entrees, Beverages the list goes on.

It really is a matter of personal preference, me and my wife went out for a meal and the starter was battered chicken with a sald and including a barbeque dip, now we copied this, and instead of the barbeque dip, we bought a bottle of Chilli Dip and this made this recipe the best ever, it is really, really delicious, we sometimes add egg fried rice to it, along with the sticky chilli dip is totally out of this world, we have not bought these chicken dippers as they called them on the menu, as our recreation ( copycat) is 100% better.

Even if you don't recreate/copy the recipe exactly, what the heck!, it is bound to taste better than the Restaurant anyway, as Restaurants are far to busy looking at the profits to realize that there recipes are being recreated, they seem to think that everybody is thick, and that there chefs are the only ones that can cook, to be honest, I have yet to find a chef who actually cooks Beef Properly, every so called chef seems to cook a joint of beef for 10 minutes and then call it cooked?????

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  1. One of the menus that my husband loves is the lasagna, even my father-in-law loves how I prepare it.

  2. For a good cook, you can recreate recipe's by trying out the main dish.

  3. its nice
    http://famous-restaurants-copycat-recipes.blogspot.com/ doing well

  4. We can't really help but praise those who are really good in cooking. One taste and they already know what the ingredients are and how the preparation is somehow made.

  5. I have to agree. Most of the food prepared at home usually tastes better only if we exert efforts in creating or recreating the existing recipes.

  6. no mater what your recipe is, the dish you cook at home for those you love will always taste better :)

  7. My wife is good in copying dishes from Restaurant. She did last time a sisig copied sa dish sa Gulligan's Island.

  8. Agree! There are lots of a copy cat restaurant now a days, consider the fried chicken businesses here in the Philippines, you can see it everywhere.

  9. there are just so many ways to reinvent recipes and this is just unending process.. but in the end of the day , the looks and taste will be judge by its consumers...

  10. I think some has the capabilities to spot key ingredients based on their taste buds and then they can recreate the recipe.

  11. Honestly, I don't like eating extra rare or rare beef when eating in a restaurant. The waiter will ask, how you want your beef done.

  12. I have to admit but I always ask my sister to recreate dishes that I loved in a restaurant and the result would always be like, a lot better than in the restaurant that I've tried. The perfect example is the Pasta Puttanesca where my sister cooked for us as dinner and that was one of the best version that I've tried. I hope she could do it again.. :D


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